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Children learn their first spanish words


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About our Team
"parents speak highly of  the manager and staff and the care and education their children receive. Staff are extremely kind and caring and build exceptionally strong relationships with children...and involve parents in their children's learning"  
                         Ofsted Report 2016



The Setting
"Children are exceptionally happy and confident. Personal development, behaviour and welfare are outstanding. Children's behaviour is exemplary. Staff are very successful at encouraging children to be independent" 
"Children...particularly enjoy playing in the well-resourced outside space...(there are many) natural resources for younger children to explore."
                   Ofsted Report 2016
Parents Committee

Denbigh offers a unique opportunity for parents to be actively involved in their child’s education, improve our school and develop bonds with other parents.

Because we are a registered charity, we are required to have a management commitee which is generally made up of current or former parents. We meet regularly to discuss the running and management of the pre-school.

We hold regular parents' meetings throughout the term and try and schedule them at a time that suits most parents.

Other roles have included parents sharing their interests and skills with the children.  For example parents have enjoyed reading stories, organising fund-raising events, attending class trips and teaching simple cooking, dance or language classes

Contact us

We are now accepting registrations!

We are always happy to meet prospective children and parents  to discuss and offer free taster days!

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